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We created 3 fixed price menus according to our most popular dishes.
Our intention?
Make it easy for you to pick a whole menu right away and know the price upfront.

Included in the FIXED PRICE MENU:

- Hard plastic plates, forks,spoons, knives,cups,utensils and napkins.
- Drop off at venue.
  (The food may be also picked up at our West Sedona kitchen.)
- Changes can be made but price may change.
- Beverages are not included.

Please add 15% for delivery and taxes.

Minimum Order:         15

                                                                         AMERICAN BBQ

                                                                       - Cheese Tray
                                                                       - Veggie Tray  with Italian and Ranch Dressing

                                                                      - Bbq Chicken, grilled or roasted
                                                                      - Bbq Pulled Pork, with rolls and butter

                                                                     - Grilled Corn on the cob
                                                                     - Country style beans

                                                                    - Fresh spring salad or Cole slaw 

                                                                                   PRICE:   $24.-


                                                                               - Chips & Salsa
                                                                               - Shrimp Ceviche 

                                                                               - Beef Burritos
                                                                               - Enchiladas (red or green sauce)

                                                                              - Refried Beans
                                                                              - Spanish Rice

                                                                              - Fruit Tray 

                                                                                PRICE:  $24.-


                                                         - Baked Brie
                                                         - Cold Tortellini Salad

                                                        -  Chicken Parmesan
                                                        -   Lasagna (meat or veggie)

                                                        -   Grilled Veggies
                                                        -   Garlic Bread
                                                        -   Fresh Spring Salad

                                                        -   Fruit Tray

                                                            PRICE:   $27.-


Our catering is best known for appealing and delectable food at prices that fit within your budget.

With over 18 years of catering experience, we would be honored to cater your special event.


                                         Take a look at our extensive food offerings for:

                                                       Business or Corporate meetings
                                                       Engagement parties
                                                       Family reunions
                                                       Outdoor events - picnic, BBQ parties
                                                       Retirement parties
                                                       Travel meals- "Meals To Go"

Lynn's Casual Kitchen
Chef / Owner: Mario Evola
Catering services for Sedona, Cottonwood and surrounding areas
        Phone:  928-282-5031   
   Fax:  928-282-1850    email:
Sales / Customer Service: Herb Adair


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